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E-learning content development

E-learning content development E-learning content development E-learning content development



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A new era of instruction design

We blend creativity, technology and subject matter speciality to create meaningful instructions.

About citrex


Citrex is an e-learning content development company comprising of experts and subject matter specialists from all over the world. We redefine instructions. Our content engages the multiple senses of learners and makes the learning journey a breeze!

Our panel of subject matter experts

Dr. Stephanus Oosthuysen


 Dr. Stephanus was the deputy lead at the University of Norwich MSc. programme. He is an expert lead on medical instruction design. 

Dr. Sahar Shah


 Dr. Sahar Shah holds a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge. She is an expert content writer. 

Prof. John Spinks


Dr. John Spinks was previously the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (VP) for Teaching and Learning at The University of Hong Kong, and an Executive Director at a leading university e-learning consortium.

Dr. Siddharth Pandey


Dr. Pandey (PhD, University of Cambridge) 

Formerly, Visiting Fellow in Art History at the Yale Centre for British Art, Yale University (USA) and Research Fellow in Global History at the Ludwig Maximilian University (Germany). 

Dr. Murat Fahrioglu


Dr. Fahrioglu (PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison) 

Head of Electrical & Electronics engineering (Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus) is an expert in engineering instruction design.

Kainat Shakil


 Kainat is a Research Fellow at the Shahid Javed Burki Institute of Public Policy at NetSol. She holds a distinction in Public Policy; her research interests include intersectionality, gender, informal labor, urbanization, and sustainable development. She pursues her passion for nature by running an upcycling gardening enterprise and regularly provides creative input for the development of 3-D lessons for school pupils.  

Our services

Instruction Design


 Written instructions are converted into beautiful, meaningful, and engaging content for enhanced learning. 



We custom create 3D visualisations for simulations for training purposes. 

The Citrex Learning Portal (CLP)


All content developed by Citrex comes packaged with our online learning management system, the Citrex Learning Portal.  

CLP Content Management System


 The Citrex Learning Portal allows an intuitive way to manage all your training content in one place. 

CLP Track user performance


 All trainings can be individually assigned to users and performance tracked. All scores are printable and publishable to PDFs.  

Work with Subject Specialists


 Our panel of expert consultants can help you design complete training modules with up-to-date information on subject matter. 


Philip Wood (Allen & Overy, London)


"Fazal Khan's ingenious animations are an excellent and succinct way of finding out what really happened in history, a dramatically effective way of learning"

Dr. Anil Sood


"I have worked with Citrex on a project developing online resources for undergraduate Leicester Medical School teachers from 2016-2017. I have found the company to be extremely helpful, supportive and creative."

Dr. Stefanus Oosthuysen


"Using Citrex is a straight forward process that will deliver the visual and auditory message you envisage to deliver, to great measure of effect. The lines of communication are always open and improvements quick to be incorporated."