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Instructions at times can be difficult to follow. Especially, when it comes to detailed technical instructions that require clear understanding of the subject matter. Often, instructions contained in owner’s manuals, technical manuals, operational manuals, science manuals, work instructions etc. are text or picture driven. And many of us fail to fully understand unless we put in a lot of time and effort!

If you want to improve the quality of instruction in your organization

At Citrex we specialize in the development of instructions that engage the multiple senses of learners and enhance the rate of learning. As a result, learning becomes efficient, more meaningful and learning objectives are easier to fulfill.

We create medical, engineering & technical instructions and assessments by working in close coordination with subject specialists.

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Success of organizations depends on the quality of the workforce. A high performance workforce results from continuous trainings and development. It is important that training programs are designed for optimum learning experiences. This means that trainings need to cater to the varying learning styles of learners and match the dominant intelligences*

We create complete training modules by working in close coordination with subject matter specialists in engineering, medicine, and sciences. Our trainings are carefully designed keeping in mind the principles of differentiated learning and the multiple intelligences of learners.

The developed modules are deployed online through the Citrex Learning Management System which tracks the performance of users in trainings and keeps a record of their training history. As a result, HR management can monitor the progress of employees in their trainings and make informed, data-driven decisions. The Citrex Learning Management System is a powerful yet simple, all in one solution for training high performance teams!

*Howard Gardner



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Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals, NHS Trust

The Axillary Plexus Arm block is an alternate route to general anaesthesia for patients undergoing hand surgery.

A series of short instructional videos were developed by Citrex Limited and Dr. Stefanus Oosthuysen to educate patients on the process, procedure, complications, progress & recovery and followup of Axillary Plexus Arm Block.

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The University of Leicester
Medical School

The Medical Undergraduate Teacher Development Programme was an instructional program for teachers aspiring to join the University of Leicester’s Medical School as instructors. Citrex was involved in the development of e-learning based modules of the course. These comprised of animation based videos on titles, “Educational Theory”, “Presentation Skills”, “Difficult Students”, “Assessment & Feedback” and “Mentorship”.

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CPR for Non-Medical Personnel

Conducting CPR can be the most crucial, life-saving exercise on a patient undergoing a cardiac arrest. Since most cardiac arrests occur when trained rescuers are not around, it is important that non medical personnel also understand CPR.
This is a comprehensive tutorial covering all aspects of the basic life support CPR for non-medical personnel. Explained in a graphically rich format the tutorial explains the symptoms of a cardiac arrest, mechanism of ventricular fibrillation, alerting medical services, look, listen and feel check, maintaining the airway, chest compression, ventilllation, AED device, and recovery position.
This tutorial was developed with Dr. Unni Krishnan (Cambridge University Hospitals, NHS Trust).


  • Cheryl Cruz

    Fazal Khan's ingenious animations are an excellent and succinct way of finding out what really happened in history, a dramatically effective way of learning.

    Philip Wood Allen & Overy, London Head of Allen & Overy Global Law Intelligence Unit in London Special Global Counsel at Allen & Overy Visiting Professor in International Financial Law, University of Oxford Yorke Distinguished Visiting Fellow, University of Cambridge Visiting Professor, Queen Mary University, London
  • Dorothy Guzman

    I have worked with Fazal and his colleague on a project developing online resources for undergraduate Leicester Medical School teachers from 2016-2017. I have found him and his company colleague to be extremely helpful, supportive and creative. Their work has been delievered on time and within budget and I and my colleagues at Leicester Medical School have been impressed by the quality of work and enjoyed working with them on this successful project.

    Dr. Anil Sood Reader & Senior Specialist GP Educator , Department of Medical Education,
    University of Leicester
  • Taylor Sweet

    Using Citrex is straight forward process that will deliver the visual and auditory message you envisage to deliver, to great measure of effect. The lines of communication are always open and improvements are quick to be incorporated. Citrex is highly professional outfit! 

    Dr. Stefanus Oosthuysen Deputy Lead for the University of East Anglia's USGRA MSc Programme

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